Whether you're planning an intimate wedding in the White Mountains with your closest family and friends, a backpacking elopement in Acadia National Park, or you only know that you want an adventure together, I'm here to tell you that this is going to be the best day ever. My job is to give you an amazing experience not only as a photographer, but a guide and friend.

Imagine traveling hand-in-hand to a beautiful location with your favorite person. Focusing only on each other and the love you share, you celebrate your best day ever by sharing an epic experience together that will mark the beginning of your lives together.

Because you should get married exactly how you want to.

Let's transform the terminology surrounding elopements. Instead of being poorly planned, quick and cheap alternatives to weddings, eloping can be the best decision you could make for your wedding celebration. Eloping is now seen as an intimate, meaningful, centered, and intentional way to celebrate your love.

When you really break it down, weddings are about commiting your lives to each other. Take away the pressure, obligation, and fluff, and you're left with the love. It seems so simple, yet often that point gets lost in the hustle and bustle of large scale weddings.

If your idea of a wedding day involves the two of you, maybe your closest family and friends, and possibly your dog, continue reading to find out why an all-day elopement may be the perfect way to get married.

Your Best Day Ever

Adventure Elopement Experience

There are so many ways you can elope, and they certainly all won’t fit in this box. With an open mind and some spontaneity, your elopement can be anything you want it to be; just you and your love, kicking off your greatest adventure yet by doing exactly what you want to.

As your elopement photographer, I’m there to ensure you have that stress-free experience you’ve opted into by choosing to elope. We’ll talk about the dreams of your wedding day, the logistics of making those dreams come true, and how to best capture the amazing memories you’re going to make.

I’ll be there for you just like I would for a couple on their full-wedding day. From getting ready to popping champagne after your ceremony and listening to music by the fire in the evening, this will be your best day ever, and I’ll capture all of it.

Intimate Wedding Experience

If you can’t picture getting married without the company of your closest family and friends, no matter how magical of a day you have planned, I have good news for you. An intimate wedding is an awesome choice for those who want zero stress but lots of hugs on their wedding day. These little weddings can still be wild adventures; maybe you rent a cabin in the White Mountains or a lakehouse on Sebago, but the focus is still on you.

You can sneak away for a first look, enjoy a unique and meaningful ceremony, plan fun activities, hire a private chef for a little dinner, and have a dance party reception at your campsite, all while spending your day with the people who mean the most.

There are so many ways to include family on your elopement day without compromising the unique and meaningful celebration you’ve dreamed of.

Maybe this all sounds great, but you know in your heart that you want a big celebration of your love with your whole family and all of your friends? Not to worry, I still photograph weddings of all different sizes and situations, and I love each and every couple I work with.


Investment Information

As an elopement photographer and someone who eloped herself, I understand how meaningful this day is for my couples. Here you’ll find a variety of photography options to suit your day.

Included in all collections:

☽ Elopement Planning Guide

☽ Location Scouting

☽ Timeline Planning

☽ High Resolution Files with Print Release

☽ No Travel Fees



☽ Full-Day Coverage

☽ Anywhere In The Northeast


☽ 3 Hours Of Coverage

☽ Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts


☽ Full Experience Coverage

☽ Anywhere In The World


☽ Full Day Coverage

☽ Anywhere In The United States