Five Resources To Help You Organize Your Wedding Day Plans

March 23, 2020

You’re engaged and planning your best day ever, how fun! Dreaming up your colors, decor, florals, and especially amazing vendors is the best part of this exciting time, (besides that whole “you got engaged” thing!) Wedding planning can be so much fun, but once that Pinterest board hits 1000 images and vendors begin needing specs, things can quickly go from exciting to stressful. Here is a quick round-up of some of my favorite resources for the planning and design of your wedding day, so you can be organized and efficient and better enjoy your engagement.

1. Canva

I love seeing your pinterest boards! It makes me so excited when couples send me their wedding day theme dreams. Narrowing that big vision down into colors and a theme can be the tricky part. With Canva, you can create a concise mood board that can be sent to your venue, florist, photographer, and other vendors to keep everyone on the same page. This will make bringing your vision to life as easy as it can be!


2. A Wedding Email Address

I can’t recommend this enough! Wedding vendors, especially photographers and venues are in such high demand, timely emailing is incredibly important. Having a unique gmail address for your wedding is not only free, but will provide an organized space to chat with vendors, ensuring you don’t miss out on an opportunity because of a lost email in the sea of your general inbox.


2. Reddit  

From spreadsheets, to threads on tips and tricks from real couples, reddit is a one-stop resource where you can ask anything and generally get pretty great responses! There are subreddits for showing off your wedding dress, planning a wedding in a certain budget, sourcing decor and other items, and how to plan location-specific days. Check it out!



  1. Offbeat Bride

This website’s resource section is invaluable. They have spreadsheets, sample budgets, and advice galore all in one spot.  As soon as I got engaged, I immediately downloaded their wedding planning spreadsheet. 


  1. Your Photographer

Hi, it’s me! Did you know when you book with me, you get a full wedding planning + timeline guide, along with other helpful documents to help you design your dream day and all the events leading up to it (engagement session!) If you have a question about your wedding day, we likely have experienced it. I photograph 20+ weddings per year, taking place in all types of environments. I have seen every type of timeline, and experienced very traditional weddings, and ones that threw traditions out the window. Needless to say, you should feel confident that your photographer has your back through this and you can come to them with any questions that come up. I’m here for you!


6. BONUS: Your Wedding Planner

Want to be able to fully enjoy your wedding day in bliss? Coordination and planning could not be more important for achieving this goal. I am a huge advocate for hiring someone to help you execute your vision, whether your wedding is a little elopement or a huge bash. Having someone who is experienced in planning and delegating to assist you, your guests and vendors will create an experience that is more than worth the investment. If you need help finding a planner for you, reach out! I would be more than happy to help you in creating your dream vendor team.