I feel like a part of me has loved you since the beginning of everything.

Maybe we're from the same star.

my approach

warm + romantic + real

My photographs are a mix of fine art and raw emotion. They’re on the moody side of the editing spectrum, but they’re true to your wedding day. Above all, they’re photojournalistic and personal. My goal is to blend in and become a part of your day so I can capture your wedding in a fun and candid way. 

I want this experience to be the best balance of having professional wedding photography and a great adventure with a new friend at the same time. I want to give you beautiful images and a whole day of memories all in one. You should feel like you now have a new pal in the wedding industry who will be there for you to ask questions, bounce ideas off of, and do more than just show up and photograph your wedding day. This day is a huge part of your life, and I’m so honored I get to be part of so many of these stories. I don’t take that lightly, and neither should you. If you believe in the magic of your love, and you know your wedding day is going to be the best day ever, shoot me a message and let’s be friends!

I'm also a lover of lists. Here's a little more about me.

1. I’m an ENFP, aka I am free-spirited and imaginative, compassionate and enthusiastic.
2. If garlic parmesan wings are on the menu, I’m getting them. Every time.
3. Lance proposed to me in a parking lot in Scranton, PA under the stars. Literally Jim and Pam in real life.
4. The best days of my life have been spent at music festivals, namely Camp Bisco 2016.

5. I own a telescope and love looking at the stars and planets. Seeing what’s out there allows me to reflect on how amazing our world is.
6. I’m a total craft beer snob. IPA’s are my favorite, especially if they’re brewed with mosaic, amarillo, and galaxy hops!
7. I’m a Mainer born and raised. I grew up in the northeastern part of the state in a town of about 800.
8. On my days off, my favorite thing to do is take a big nap and play too many hours of video games.