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May 30, 2019



Acadia National Park Elopement

Salina + Kyle are Floridians with a big love for adventure which is why they opted for an Acadia National Park Elopement. For example, each year they make a trip to one of the US National Parks, and this year they chose to have an Acadia National Park Elopement in Maine! First, the couple asked me where I would choose for them to have their elopement. Then, I instantly replied with Otter Cliffs. Otter Cliff overlooks Sand Beach and the sprawling orange rocks that line the ocean.

Maine’s coastline is unlike others in the country partly because it is cut by the Norumbega Fault System, one of the longest faults in the northeast. I studied Maine’s Geology in college and the rocks that make up our coastal areas are truly unique. Along with the tides, this fault helped shape the beautiful metamorphic rocks that I love to photograph.

Okay, that’s enough rock education for today. That’s not even the coolest part about this Acadia National Park elopement.

It was the rainbow.

There couldn’t have been a more serendipitous series of events leading up to the rainbow. We were waiting for the officiant in the middle area of Otter Cliffs when I asked the couple if they wanted to walk to the cliff to take some portraits while we had the chance. On the way up to the cliff, it started to rain. I thought, “cool, we’ll get some epic moody rain photos.” We got to Otter Cliff and a family was already there taking in the view.

We started talking to them and realized they were from the same Florida town that the couple lived in, and actually worked at the same college as Salina. Small world, right? While everyone was chatting, I was switching my gear over and turned around to the rainbow. A full, vibrant rainbow. I definitely cut the conversation short (sorry Brian from Florida) and tried not to hyperventilate from excitement.

If people say rain is good luck on your wedding day, a rainbow must mean these two are good for life. I can’t think of any better symbol of happiness to start your lives together with.

Officiant: All In One Weddings Maine

Accommodations: Bar Harbor Inn

Dress: BHLDN

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