July 7, 2017

Summer Engagement | Falmouth, Maine

I can’t get enough of Mackworth Island or these two. Rebecca and Drew have been together forever; since I started my business! They are one of the first couples I photographed, in a cornfield in Lee, Maine, and this time for their engagement session, they chose to come down to my neck of the woods and explore one of my favorite spots. As a Maine wedding photographer, it’s so important to recognize all of Maine’s diverse landscapes and know how to combine those to create the perfect photo session. I always encourage my couples from away to come to the Portland area. I might be biased because I’m in love with the area, but it really does just combine all of the gorgeous aspects of Maine into one little section of the state. I wanted to give these two some contrast in their photos, since the Maine wedding they’re planning is up north, where the backdrops are completely different!

In the grand scheme of things, you don’t need to drive hours and hours for your engagement session, but it sure does make me happy when couples are down for an adventure and trust my location choices. There’s no guesswork on light, timing, or anything else. This always makes for smooth sailing during your session. Speaking of sailing, if anyone ever wants to do one of those sessions, count me in!

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