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March 15, 2019



Portland Maine Elopement

When Abbey and Greg messaged me inquiring about a Portland, Maine Elopement, I assumed they must be from New England. This was in fact not the case! These two reside in Michigan, and each individually spent time in Maine as kids. They chose Maine to get married because they wanted an awesome reason to come back to the beautiful state they grew up coming to. I think that’s such a great way to choose your wedding venue.

On August 27th, on what may have been the hottest day of the Summer, I met these two at Portland City Hall. They were a pretty quiet duo, but their love spoke volumes as they read their handwritten vows to each other. Both the officiant and I had happy tears in our eyes. There’s something really powerful about a tiny wedding. It literally is just about the couple. There’s nothing else to focus on besides each other and your love. Certainly that’s one reason I feel very strongly about doing your wedding just the way you want.

Whether that’s a huge party with friends or a little town hall elopement followed by a walk around town and a few afternoon beers in the sun. After the ceremony, we walked through The Old Port and chatted about traveling, family, and craft beer. I will always try my best to suggest awesome places for food and drinks for couples from away. Food is my favorite thing, and Maine just has so many good spots to try!

The Details

Can we talk about Abbey’s dress for just a second? She found it on Etsy, and as you can tell, it’s very vintage and also very amazing. These two had the most impeccable editorial style, you would have thought this was a styled shoot. Abbey’s hair was styled at my favorite Portland salon, Akari, and matched the style of her dress perfectly. I did feel awfully bad for Greg in that black suit on the 80-degree day though, but he was a champ!

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