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Top Lessons To Learn About Wedding Photography

Going full-time with your wedding photography business is a huge step in continuing the career of your dreams, but it can also be the most scary step you’ll take. When I quit my “day job” to pursue wedding photography full-time, admittedly it was out of desperation. I was miserable in my job and certainly hadn’t […]

Change the Way You Approach Wedding Photography

When I first started photographing weddings in 2013, let me tell you- I was a completely different photographer. I had only ever attended 3 or 4 weddings myself, and I had yet to grasp actually telling a compelling story through those photographs. I shot with one lens, which was a great way to push myself […]

Three Ways to Book More Acadia Elopements

Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful locations in Maine. Elopements in the park are not only picturesque but often are filled with meaning and intention – an elopement photographer’s dream. The Bar Harbor area is a destination in itself, and couples flock to the island to spend their special day in such […]

How To Create Four Blog Posts From One Wedding

Imagine you have just photographed the most amazing wedding day, filled with emotional moments, exquisite details, and a story that feels reminiscent of a movie. You absolutely cannot wait to share the day with your audience. You create a sneak peek post on social media and head over to your blog. After picking your favorite […]

Portland Maine Wedding Photographer Mentor Session

I love mentor sessions, especially when they involve a sunny day photographing a cute couple and their dogs! Carissa + Craig joined Hanna Caroline Photography and me for her Wedding Photographer Mentor Session in Portland a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. We wandered around the East End and Eastern Promenade, creating […]

Five Easy Steps to Quicker Editing

Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about starting to edit a session? Does the word “cull” make you cringe? Editing might not be your favorite part of the job, but today I have some simple tips that will speed up your editing time. Here are five east steps to quicker editing that will help you […]

Composition Tips for Better Couples’ Photos

Today we’re going to go over how composition can improve your couple’s posing flow! Do you ever go through images from a shoot and notice that the horizon line is askew? Or have you ever had an orange truck in the background, like me? You know, those little annoying things that of course you can […]

How To Get a Permit For Your Acadia National Park Wedding

Acadia National Park Wedding Permit So you want to get married at Acadia National Park? Let’s talk about how to get a permit for your Acadia National Park Wedding! It is a magical location where many couples choose to say “I do” amongst some of the most beautiful scenery Maine has to offer. Having shot […]


Client experience is the most important aspect of growing your business. If you want people to pay you for what you do, you need to show them the value of investing in you. An amazing way to communicate this value is through the business-elevating magic of client gifting. Gifts are my love language. Having something […]

Your Guide to Wedding Timelines

Thinking about the timing of your wedding day can feel like an impossible task. You’ve never planned an event like this before, so how are you supposed to know how long a First Look takes, or how much time to leave for Family Photos. I created this Timeline Template to ensure you have enough time […]