Top Lessons To Learn About Wedding Photography

June 6, 2022



Going full-time with your wedding photography business is a huge step in continuing the career of your dreams, but it can also be the most scary step you’ll take. When I quit my “day job” to pursue wedding photography full-time, admittedly it was out of desperation. I was miserable in my job and certainly hadn’t planned this big change, but it was something I NEEDED to do for my sanity. Everything worked out and now I run a six-figure business and work my own hours. Had things played out differently though, here are the top lessons to learn about wedding photography I wish I would have known before I made the jump to full-time.

Lessons to Learn

  1. You need to get legal and you need to save for taxes.
  2. A logo is not going to get you business, but practice will.
  3. It’s okay to struggle, it means you’re working towards something bigger.
  4. Working into the night isn’t a badge of honor. You need rest and set work hours.
  5. You are running a business, so you will need to step into the roll of CEO and others as a full-time business owner.
  6. Investing in a CRM absolutely WILL make you more money. I went into my industry because I wanted to follow my passion. I needed a tool that reflects my quality of work and showcases my brand. I love HoneyBook because it allows me to add my brand to everything, and it’s so easy to use for me and my clients! I’ve created custom templates for emails, brochures, and proposals which saves me tons of time because they already have all the details my clients need, and they make me look super professional. HoneyBook supports me as an independent business owner. I’m able to manage my business from one place so I can book clients faster and with less effort. Clients can review everything they need, electronically sign my contract and pay me, all through HoneyBook! Do yourself (and your business) a favor! Get 50% off your first year.
  7. It’s not easy, but it sure as hell is worth it.

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