How To Get a Permit For Your Acadia National Park Wedding

April 19, 2021


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acadia national park wedding

Acadia National Park Wedding Permit

So you want to get married at Acadia National Park? Let’s talk about how to get a permit for your Acadia National Park Wedding! It is a magical location where many couples choose to say “I do” amongst some of the most beautiful scenery Maine has to offer. Having shot numerous weddings there myself, I can vouch for it’s uniqueness. As with all venues, there are permits and applications involved but with Acadia being a National Park, there are a few more rules and regulations that I am here to guide you through! Below are a few tips on how to get your Acadia National Park wedding permit.

acadia national park wedding

Elopement or Traditional Ceremony

First, it is great to know whether you will be having an intimate elopement ceremony or a more traditional one. If you are thinking about eloping, you’re in luck! With a gathering of 10 people or less (including officiant), no permit is necessary. With that in mind, there are a few more restrictions like no amplified sound, no chairs, and being mindful of visitor areas. View the full list of elopement ceremony restrictions HERE

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Location, Location, Location

With a wide range of backdrops to choose from, there is something at Acadia National Park for everyone. If you are going for a more traditional ceremony, it is still great to have a general idea of your guest count. Acadia has limitations on the amount of guests that each location can hold. Take a trip to the park and visit some of these locations to get a feel for your favorites. The following locations and group size limits have been established for simple wedding ceremonies of more than 10 people within Acadia National Park:

  • Cadillac Mountain – 20 (No ceremonies during sunrise or sunset.)
  • Blue Hill Overlook – 20
  • Sand Beach – 30
  • Ocean Drive – 30
  • Otter Cliff – 20
  • Otter Point – 30
  • Fabbri Picnic Area – 30
  • Little Hunters Beach – 20
  • Seawall Picnic Area – 35
  • Thompson Island – 50
  • Schoodic Point – 25
  • Frazer Point Picnic Area – 50

acadia national park wedding

Permit Application

Now that you have your guest count and ideal location nailed down, it’s time for paperwork! You are able to schedule your wedding within the same calendar year but no less than 10 days before your ceremony. Have your preferred date, location, and time on hand and be prepared with alternates. They also ask to list any equipment you may use, your on-site contact (a wedding planner if you have one), and if you have visited the location before. Remember that this permit must be submitted by snail mail and there is a non-refundable application fee of $50.

acadia national park wedding

Other Things to Note

Just a few more things to keep in mind when applying for your Acadia National Park wedding permit. If you do not live in Maine, you must apply for a wedding permit in Maine. It can be from any city but it must be within 90 days of your wedding date. PARKING! With limited parked and busy seasons, it may be worth looking into transportation and shuttle services for your guests. Remember this is public land and you may want to think about location and time of day if you want your ceremony to be more private. As always, leave no trace, be mindful of wildlife, and good luck!

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