Choosing Your Maine Engagement Session Location

December 4, 2020


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Choosing Your Maine Engagement Session Location

Choosing your location for your engagement session can be daunting. But don’t worry! I’ve compiled a list of tips & tricks to choose your Maine engagement session location to make sure you get the photos you always dreamed of.

Chase the Sun

You’ve probably heard of “golden hour” light. It’s magical and engagement sessions are planned around it. If you want those glowy, hazy, sun-soaked images there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your session spot.

+ An open skyline to the west so we can see the full sunset sky
+ Trees or buildings to diffuse the light when the sun is high in the sky
+ Ability to schedule your session two hours before sunset
+ A positive outlook if the sun goes behind a cloud as it’s setting
+ What season are you planning this for? Think about if you want warm-toned grass or sand around you or a bright snowy backdrop.

Wear Sensible Shoes

Think about the conditions and locations you’re wanting to shoot in and plan around that. If you want to go hiking in Acadia, bring shoes with a good grip so you don’t twist an ankle. If you want to have your session at the beach, it would look weird if you’re wearing shoes, so leave them in the car.
Once you’ve picked your footwear, let the rest of your outfit follow suit. The materials you choose should be breathable during the warm months, or keep you warm outside in the Winter. If you’re wearing a pair of brand new stiff jeans or a dress shirt that’s itchy, you’ll be focused on that when you’re having your pictures taken, and it will show.
The most important thing for incredible engagement photos is that you are in tune with each other, so pick your favorite comfy clothes so your focus will be completely on each other.
Have a sparkly over-the-top dress you’re dying to wear? Do it. Want to wear a pair of ripped up jeans that your mom hates? Wear them. I promise if you dress in outfits that are completely you, the photos will be amazing.

Maine Engagaement Photography

Public Locations Are Busy

It’s inevitable. If you’re feeling nervous about your photo session or just don’t want to have people wandering through your images, I suggest finding a location such as a private residence or a very large area where we can get some room to ourselves. State Parks are great for this if you don’t mind heading to lesser-traveled areas, and beaches can work if we head away from the middle. If you’re willing to be flexible with
locations and backdrops, magic can happen anywhere.

Pick Somewhere Suited For You

Whether it’s your alma mater or your favorite fishing spot, choosing a location that you’re both familiar with and feel comfortable in will make a big difference in your images. You’ll get to be the leader of the session and choose photo spots that are meaningful to you. While basically everywhere in Maine’s nature is beautiful, there’s just something special about being able to look back on your photos at a place that was perfect for you.

Some ideas I give clients on choosing a meaningful engagement location are as follows:

+ your wedding location
+ a restaurant/brewery you love
+ the proposal spot
+ a childhood property
+ the place you met
+ your first date spot

Or if you’re coming to Maine for the first time, choose somewhere new to return to celebrate in the years to come.

Make A Day Of It

This day is about you and your love. It doesn’t need to end when the shutter stops. You’re already looking fine and all dressed up, so go make some more memories by truing your engagement session into a date night! Choosing a location that is nearby to activities you enjoy, or at least some great food, is a great way to keep your fun day going by celebrating your engagement after your session. It’s also a way to take a little break from the stress of wedding planning as you check engagement photos off your list. Another idea is to actually have your engagement photos at your date location. A bowling alley, brewery, baseball game, restaurant, or any other activity you enjoy can serve as a great place that’s both meaningful and will allow you to be in a more relaxed atmosphere.

couple walking during the sunset in eastern maine

My Favorite Maine Engagement Session Locations

Northern Central Maine

+ Baxter State Park
+ University Of Maine Gardens
+ Bangor City Forest
+ Sunkhaze Meadow

Southern Maine

+ Mackworth Island
+ Kettle Cove
+ Wolfe’s Neck State Park
+ Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve

Southeast Maine

+ Acadia National Park
+ Beech Hill Preserve
+ Camden Hills State Park
+ Reid State Park

Western Maine

+ Carabassett Valley
+ Mt. Kineo
+ Sunday River
+ Sebago Lake


Whatever you decide for your engagement session in Maine, I hope this little guide helps you to narrow down a place that’s perfect for you and your partner. This part of the wedding planning process should be
fun, above all!

Let’s plan your engagement session!

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